Health & Medical Physics Services

Licensing, Radiation Safety & Regulatory Support Services

We assist with preparation of Radioactive Materials license applications, amendments, renewals, and negotiations with licensing and compliance agencies. We conduct compliance visits and assistance with deficiencies or infractions, preparation of response to regulatory citations, and assist clients in staying abreast of regulatory updates by providing additional guidance or support needed to meet new State or Federal regulations/requirements.

Nuclear Medicine & Research Compliance Visits

F.X. Massé Associates offers monthly site visits and direct interaction with nuclear medicine or research departments to assure a consistently safe working environment for staff and patients and pro-active compliance with State and Federal regulatory requirements. We also provide Nuclear Medicine Gamma Camera testing to meet both the ACR and the new Joint Commission Standards for Diagnostic Imaging Services.

Annual or Acceptance Physics Testing

F.X. Massé Associates offers annual performance evaluations of imaging modalities for all makes and models of general radiography, fluoroscopy, CT, mammography, MRI, PET, Gamma Cameras, ultrasound and analytical, cabinet and research x-ray systems. These services are designed to meet all regulatory and accrediting-body requirements.

Accreditation Assistance

F.X. Massé Associates offers comprehensive physics support to assist in compliance with accrediting agencies, such as the American College of Radiology (ACR), The Joint Commission (TJC), and the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). We provide on-going physics support to ensure that your Quality Assurance Program is effective and that equipment testing is conducted in a timely manner.

Shielding Evaluations

F.X. Massé Associates performs shielding evaluations using NCRP 147 methodology. Our shielding designs are developed by board certified physicists and range from a single general x-ray room to multiple modalities for newly constructed facilities. We also provide shielding integrity surveys post installation. For your convenience, please complete the appropriate form on our FORMS page to get started on your shielding requirements.

Radiation Safety Committee Membership

For sites that require a Radiation Safety Committee, F.X. Massé Associates provides quarterly support to your Radiation Safety Committee meetings and assistance with ALARA programs suitable for your institution.

Occupational Dosimetry Review

F.X. Massé Associates assists in routine review of dosimetry reports which include a quarterly summary for Radiation Safety Committees, recommendations for badge services, changes and updates, and preparation of NRC Form V annual occupational exposure reports for all required participants. This service also meets The Joint Commission requirement for quarterly review of occupationally exposed workers.

Patient Dose Assessments

We perform radiation dose estimates for patients and the unborn fetus for all imaging modalities, most commonly for CT, general radiography and mammography, along with guidance on communicating dose information to the patient in layman's terms. We also perform routine skin dose estimates for fluoroscopy to meet different State and Veteran's Administration requirements.

Survey Instrument Calibration

F.X. Massé Associates is state-approved to provide calibration services for GM and ion-chamber survey meters. Instruments due for annual calibration checks are conveniently pick up during our monthly safety audits, and shipped back to you in a timely manner. The necessary documentation is provided.


As part of our client contract, F.X. Massé Associates provides comprehensive on-site radiation safety training in various areas providing ASRT CEUs, accommodating the needs and schedules of our clients. We offer training courses with topics in all imaging modalities to meet your needs.

FDA Testing for Manufacturers

F.X. Massé Associates can provide applicable FDA and IEC testing for manufacturing clients to meet regulatory needs. These services include assistance with FDA regulations on safety requirements for new equipment development, compliance measurements as necessary during the development process, and assistance with the data acquisition to complete the initial filing with FDA prior to marketing new radiation-emitting equipment. Senior members of the Associates have extensive experience with development and filing procedures with various x-ray, CT and mammography equipment.

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