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Frank Massé was first introduced to Medical Physics as a Northeastern University Co-op sophomore physics major assigned to the Neurosurgery Department at Tufts-New England Medical Center in the early days of Nuclear Medicine. He chose to stay with that Co-op assignment throughout his studies, and joined the new Tufts NEMC Physics Department after graduation. He was promptly appointed to the new federally-mandated position of Radiation Safety Officer at the Medical Center, a position he has held throughout his career. His responsibilities involved oversight of both clinical and research use of radioactive materials plus diagnostic and therapeutic x-ray uses throughout the Medical Center.

Four years later, he was recruited to a senior position in the Radiation Protection Program at MIT where he remained for 41 years. He retired from MIT in 2000 as Director of the Radiation Protection Programs on the MIT campus, at the off-campus Bates Accelerator laboratory, and at the MIT Research Reactor, and as a member of the Nuclear Engineering Department Faculty. With consulting privileges at MIT, he continued to serve as Radiation Safety Officer at Tufts Medical Center throughout his MIT years, and gradually accepted other consulting assignments as he was sought after by hospitals, universities and x-ray equipment developers and manufacturers.

F.X. Massé Associates, Inc. was incorporated in 1974 to consolidate consulting activities and facilitate the organization of a team to meet expanding demands.

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